Ordering / Subscriptions



We are pleased to announce that Max Weber Studies will be hosted by Project MUSE from 2022. JSTOR is discontinuing its journal hosting for humanities and social science areas. They will directly transfer existing subscriptions and online access to Project MUSE. The Max Weber Studies archive will still remain available with JSTOR, now behind a three year time wall.

Your institutional subscription access to the journal will be enabled via IP authentication on MUSE at https://muse.jhu.edu/ assuming your current subscription is renewed for 2022.

Additionally, we will be working with Project MUSE on institutional subscription administration. This will include order processing and claims services.

• If you are placing your serials orders and renewals with a subscription agent, the agent should direct your 2022 order to MUSES Fulfillment Department. Agents will receive these instructions directly but there is information available for agents here, as well: https://muse.jhu.edu/

2022 institutional rates for Max Weber Studies are as follows:

Print: $150.00 USD
Electronic: $150.00 USD
Print+Electronic: $200.00 USD

Reduced subscription rates are available for South America, Asia and Africa. If you have any questions regarding the transition, please contact us on office@maxweberstudies.org, which will continue to handle hard copy fulfilment and individual subscriptions.

Individual subscribers should apply through the Individual Subscriber tab on the home page. Subscription price is £25 per annum.