Max Weber Studies Vol. 9 No. 1 & No. 2 (January & July 2009)
(contents only)

  • Introduction to Max Weber and the Political Sphere
    Hinnerk Bruhns and Patrice Duran
  • Max Weber's 'Sociology of the State' and the Science of Politics in Germany
    Gangolf Hübinger
  • Sovereignty, legality and democracy: Politics in the work of Max Weber
    Gregor Fitzi
  • Max Weber and the Making of Politicians: A Sociology of Political Responsibility
    Patrice Duran
  • Scholarship and political commentary in the day to day in the work of Max Weber: Some historical observations on the theme of value-freedom
    Hinnerk Bruhns
  • The mediatisation and anonymisation of the world in the work of Max Weber
    Gilles Bastin
  • The political writings of Max Weber: The challenge of freedom
    Élisabeth Kauffmann
  • Modern rationalities of the political: From Foucault to Weber
    Catherine Colliot-Thélène
  • The Editing of Max Weber's Lectures from 1894 to 1900: An Interim Report
    Rita Aldenhoff-Hübinger