Max Weber Studies Vol. 4 No. 1 (January 2004)
(contents only)

  • Editorial
    Sam Whimster
  • Mina Tobler and Max Weber: Passion Confined
    Rainer M. Lepsius
  • Max Weber and the Rights of Citizens
    Duncan Kelly
  • Max Weber on Usury and Medieval Capitalism: From The History of Commercial Partnerships to The Protestant Ethic
    Lutz Kaelber
  • Understanding Lived Experience: Max Weber's Intellectual Relationship to Simmel, Husserl, James, Starbuck, and Jaspers
    Sandro Segre
  • Ernst Troeltsch's Evaluation of Max and Alfred Weber: Introduction and Translation of a Letter by Ernst Troeltsch to Heinrich Dietzel
    Friedrich Wilhelm Graf
  • Book Reviews