Max Weber Studies Vol. 14 No. 1


List of Contributors


  • ‘How Ideas become Effective in History’ Max Weber on Confucianism and Beyond
    Wolfgang Schluchter 10.15543/MWS/2014/1/3
  • The West in the East: Max Weber’s Nightmare in ‘Post-modern’ China
    Don S. Zang 10.15543/MWS/2014/1/4
  • The Legal Ethos of Late Imperial China: Two Neglected and Rival Legal Specialists
    Po-Fang Tsai 10.15543/MWS/2014/1/5
  • Max Weber on Confucianism versus Protestantism
    Christopher Adair-Toteff 10.15543/MWS/2014/1/6


Note about the ‘anxious bench’
Mariana Magalhães Pinto Côrtes 10.15543/MWS/2014/1/7

Review Essay

Book Reviews 10.15543/MWS/2014/1/10

  • Joshua Derman, Max Weber in Politics and Social Thought. From Charisma to Canonisation
    Keith Tribe
  • Uta Gerhardt, The Social Thought of Talcott Parsons. Methodology and American Ethos
    Sven Eliaeson
  • Ralph Schroeder, An Age of Limits: Social Theory for the 21st Century
    Sam Whimster