Max Weber Studies Vol. 13 No. 2 (July 2013)
Special Issue: Weber, the Press and Sociology, Then and Now



  • Introduction to the Special Issue.
    Isabelle Darmon and Carlos Frade
  • The Press in the Light of Modern Capitalism: A planned survey by Max Weber on newspapers and journalism (Translation of previous article) Gilles Bastin
  • Applying a Weberian Perspective to the Analysis of UK Journalism: Hacking and Leveson as Products of Organizational Rationalization
    Aeron Davis
  • Weber's sociology of the press and journalism:
    Continuities in contemporary sociologies of journalists and the media
    Roger Dickinson
  • Paradox of the Pariah: Toward a Weberian Understanding of Modern Journalism
    Gilles Bastin
  • The Disenchantment and Measurement of the Media World:
    Weber's Universal Press Project, its Fate and its Legacy
    Siegfried Weischenberg


Garrison versus Douglass on the abolition of slavery:
An Ethic of Conviction Versus an Ethic of Responsibility
Fred Guyette

Review Essay

Stefan Breuer, Max Webers tragische Soziologie: Aspekte and Perspecktiven
Hartmann Tyrell

Book Reviews

Bryan Turner, Religion and Modern Society. Citizenship, Secularization and the State

Antonella Ratti

Andreas Anter, Wilhelm Hennis’ Politische Wissenschaft

Christopher Adair-Toteff


Wilhelm Hennis by Andreas Anter