Max Weber Studies Vol. 12 No. 1 (January 2012)
(editorial only)

  • Editorial
    Sam Whimster
  • ‘Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft’: The Legacy of Max Weber in the light of the Max Weber-Gesamtausgabe
    M. Rainer Lepsius
  • Ferdinand Tönnies and Max Weber
    Niall Bond
  • The Genesis of the Max Weber-Gesamtausgabe and the Contribution of Wolfgang J. Mommsen
    Edith Hanke, Gangolf Hübinger and Wolfgang schwentker
  • A Note on Thematic Affinities in Max Weber and Heinrich Heine: Disenchantment, Devaluing Reversal, and the Demonic
    Robert Button
  • On Max Weber’s Sociology of Law, now known as The Developmental Conditions of the Law: A Review Essay on MWG I/22-3
    Recht Hubert Treiber
  • Book Reviews
    Hans Henrik Bruun, Science, Values and Politics in Max Weber’s Methodology
    Gerhard Wagner
    Peter Ghosh, A Historian Reads Max Weber: Essays on the Protestant Ethic
    Dirk Kaesler
    Lawrence A. Scaff, Max Weber in America
    Lutz Kaelber