Max Weber Studies Vol. 11 No. 2 (July 2011)
(contents only)

  • Editorial
    Sam Whimster
  • Empire of glory: Weberian paradigms and the complexities of authority in imperial Rome
    Michael Sommer
  • No ‘new spirit’? Max Weber’s account of the dynamic of contemporary capitalism through ‘pure adaptation’ and the shaping of adequate subjects
    Isabelle Darmon
  • Max Weber’s Concept of Nature and the Ambivalence of Modernity
    Andreas Anter
  • Different Origin, (Almost the) Same Function: The Concept of Subrogation in Max Weber’s Work
    Andrea Erizi
  • For ‘sated’ peoples no future blooms: The concept of ‘Sättigung’ in Max Weber’s work
    Mirko Alagna
  • Max Weber, Goethe and Rilke: The Magic of Language and Music in a Disenchanted World
    José M. González García
  • Book Review
    Uta Gerhardt, Soziologie im zwanzigsten Jahrhundert. Studien zu ihrer Geschichte in Deutschland
    Sven Eliaeson