Max Weber Studies Vol. 11 No. 1 (January 2011)
(editorial only)

  • Editorial
    Austin Harrington, Tom Neuhaus, Sam Whimster
  • Max Weber in Light of East Asian Development
    Volker H. Schmidt
  • Max Weber, Islam and Modernity
    Youcef Djedi
  • Semantic Ordering as an Organizing Force: An Interpretation of Max Weber’s Sociological Theory of Property
    Laura R. Ford
  • The State as a ‘Chance’ Concept: Max Weber’s de-substantialisation and neutralisation of the concept
    Kari Palonen
  • The Authority of Public Opinion: Why Weber declined to take part in the conversation
    Frank Furedi
  • Review Essay
    In the Shadows of Max Weber: Bärbel Meurer’s Portrait of Marianne Weber
    Edith Hanke