Max Weber Studies Vol. 16 No. 2


List of Contributors


The Politics of Academic Freedom:
Weber, Westminster and Contemporary Universities

Kari Palonen

A work not yet translated is only half published
Jean-Pierre Grossein

Issues in translating Weber’s writings on economics
Sam Whimster

Worldview and relationships to the world
The concepts of karma(n) and bhakti in Weber’s study on Hinduism and Buddhism

Martin Fuchs

Economics, situational analysis, and explaining the money economy in Max Weber
Omar Kassem

On Behalf of Economy and Society and himself
Guenther Roth


Udi Greenberg, The Weimar Century: German Émigrés and the Ideological Foundations of the Cold War
Hubertus Buchstein

Michael Symonds, Max Weber’s Theory of Modernity: The Endless Pursuit of Meaning
Thomas Kemple

Tony Waters and Dagmar Waters, eds., Weber’s Rationalism and Modern Society: New Translations on Politics, Bureaucracy, and Social Stratification
William Outhwait
Frederick C. Beiser, The Genesis of Neo-Kantianism
Frederick C. Beiser, The German Historicist Tradition
David Sullivan

Markus Gabriel,Why the World Does Not Exist
Stephen Turner

Michael Kaiser and Harald Rosenbach, eds., Max Weber in der Welt: Rezeption und Wirkung
Joshua Derman